We encourage people, who ask for prayer, to go to their doctor, if they are not getting better or have doubts. We also recommend asking the doctor to certificate the improvement or healing. For no means we recommend to stop taking prescribed medicine or to stop prescribed treatments, as this decides only the attending doctor. We don´t see medical science as a competitor or enemy, but as a god-given addition.

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  Testimonies of great and smaller healings and other interventions of God  

The newest testimonies are always on top:

Baby raised from the death

Woman was healed from cancer after prayer

Thanksgiving of God´s deliverance from death

Knuckle joint healed !

Life crisis overcome !

Displaced vertebra on its proper place again!

Torn finger tendon finger healed!

A thyroid is touched !

Walking without pain !

A healing service from the point of view of a pastor

Prayer dehumidifies the basement!

Guardian angel in action!

Displaced hip healed and stiff back bendable again

Cancer of thyroid is gone

Strong hands can work again

Running nose stopped

Eyes are made for seeing

"Tennis elbow" healed

Hepatitis C - no problem for Jesus

The death of an alcoholic

Hot hands

Pain of spinal column is gone

Long-distance-prayer is also very powerful

Jesus cares for me

Flue viruses - goodbye

Healing of severe head injury and fit as a fiddle again

Jesus uncramps me

Jesus healed my kidneys

I could not walk upright for 30 years - now I can